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Core Competencies of

CREVERSE talents perform the tasks of planning, execution, and improvement, with integrity as an unshakeable foundation. CREVERSE talents demonstrate the six competencies of strategic thinking, leadership, execution, cooperation and communication, problem solving, and professional expertise.

  1. 01 Strategic Thinking

    Think for future growth by valuing future results as much as those of the present and prepare to face competition instead of relying on current strengths.

  2. 02 Leadership

    Demonstrate leadership that brings about changes and innovation by communicating and creating synergy.

  3. 03 Execution

    Play a role in the growth of CREVERSE by meeting challenges head-on and executing strategic planning to achieve clear results.

  4. 04 Cooperation and Communication

    Respect and cooperate with each other, united under CREVERSE’s common goals.

  5. 05 Problem Solving

    Overcome uncertainties and difficulties by proposing alternative solutions based on objective information and solving problems systematically.

  6. 06 Professional Expertise

    Build competencies for successful job performance through continuous self-development, and analysis and improvement of results.

This is the way we work at CREVERSE and what we look for in
people we want to work with.