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CREVERSE cultivates 21st-century talents through the actualization of our mission, “discover capabilities, discover life”.


Over the past decade, Chungdahm Learning and CMS Edu have each woven illustrious stories while traveling on their respective paths. Today, their stories converge with the launch of CREVERSE, Inc.

The two companies are merging to cultivate 21st-century global talents by actualizing the mission “discover capabilities, discover life.” This objective is built on three key methodological concepts: literacy, imagination, and storytelling. CREVERSE, Inc. implements all three of these methodologies in the core subjects of English, Math, and Coding and further converges them into a single domain.

Our business strategy spans four strategic spheres: LC, VLC, modular STEAM education, and the metaverse. The LC and VLC spheres comprise seven traditional LC and three VLC brands, respectively. The VLC product line reflects the existing LC curriculum, but with added virtual elements to create a whole new experience. Furthermore, this virtual aspect of VLC brings the benefits of time and location flexibility, as well as cost efficiency, to the user.

The modular STEAM brand uses digital media-based learning, which not only reinforces virtuality but also enables us to undertake the new challenge of hybrid learning. The virtual capabilities of the VLC and STEAM brands also bring the international market within our reach.

The core of the metaverse business is interactive, transmedia storytelling. Applying their knowledge through interactive storytelling will enable users to hone their capabilities and realize their true character. Ultimately, users will enter a new era of self-narrative, where it will be possible to seamlessly traverse between the actual and the virtual, providing an endless field of opportunities for problem-solving, content creation, and content transaction.

Young-Hwa Kim,
Chairman of CREVERSE


Children are our legacy for the future. Over the past 20 years, Chungdahm Learning and CMS Edu have been pioneers in the education market with their thinking skills-focused curricula. Today, with the launch of CREVERSE, Inc., we are taking the next leap into the realm of cultivating future convergence talents.

Convergence talents of the future must be equipped with capabilities in three important areas: language skills for global communication; digital skills to fully utilize future technology; and a growth mindset for introspection and self-development. Thinking skill-based education in English, Math, and Coding will lay a strong foundation for cultivating these capabilities.

CREVERSE’s strength lies in its STEAM thinking-skills roadmap. CREVERSE Kids assesses a child’s potential and provides a customized curriculum focusing on English, Math, Coding, and Financial Literacy. The cross-over experience that the CREVERSE Campus provides in English, Math, and Coding will further foster both interdisciplinary knowledge and STEAM thinking, with instruction customized to each student’s level and needs.

CREVERSE also offers a unique opportunity to its top-tier students. Top achievers can enroll in an exchange program to experience STEAM education at prestigious schools in the U.S. These students will experience life in California, where many of today’s most innovative tech companies are based. CREVERSE will also help students to pursue their academic career at Ivy League schools and other elite schools, such as MIT and Stanford. It is our goal to see our students become global leaders in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

CREVERSE’s cross-over approach will push boundaries by expanding into the metaverse. For digital-native learners, the metaverse is not only a fun, futuristic setting but also a place for learning. CREVERSE has drawn on its accumulated virtual-learning experience to launch Bouncy, for linguistic thinking skills, Noisy, for mathematical thinking skills, and finally, a metaverse coding platform. In the metaverse, our students will communicate with the world and learn the boundless possibilities of imagination and exploration to build their own creative universes.

Chung Koog Lee,